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6 Days / 5 Nights Insight Safari

The route of your Adventure

Day by day Itinerary

Day 1 > Arusha

Welcome to the start of your safari and welcome to Tanzania! You've chosen a fantastic place for your safari journey and we'll get you started with an introductory briefing before we head out to begin the trip you've been dreaming of. Busy Arusha is an essential part of safari life here in northern Tanzania and most travelers pass through at some stage. Whether you’re on your way out on safari or here for a little longer, you’ll catch a glimpse of streets filled with energy and color.
Accommodation | Day 1 - Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa
Activity Day 1
Pick up from seronera airstrip, Central Serengeti National Park

Day 2 > Tarangire National Park

Wherever you go in Tarangire National Park, you’ll come across the park’s famous and larger-than-life baobab trees and elephants. These are the twin elements that give this park so much personality. There is, of course, so much more. We don’t just mean the huge populations of wildebeest, giraffes, hippos, buffaloes, baboons, vervet monkeys and zebras. Or the rugged landscape of rocky hills and rivers, swamps and savannah plains. You also have an excellent chance of seeing lions here – Tarangire is a real lion stronghold – and keep an eye out for leopards and cheetahs as well.
Accomodation: Maramboi Tented Lodge

Morning Activity Day 2
Get to know Tarangire National Park on a guided game drive this morning. Your guide will help you track down the park's wildlife and teach you a little about what you see.

Day 3 > Central Serengeti National Park

When people dream of the Serengeti, it's probably the Central Serengeti they're dreaming of. That's because you're in the perfect place to see all that the Serengeti has to offer, and this is the area of the park where wildlife is present in the biggest numbers. It's also filled with acacia trees and those Serengeti horizons that seem to go on forever.
Accomodation: Anantya Serengeti
Morning Activity Day 3
Your guided game drive this morning is a fantastic opportunity to possibly see elephants and big cats as you explore the Central Serengeti with us.

Day 4 > Ndutu

Enjoy spending longer at Ndutu and getting to know it better.
Accommodation : Ndutu Heritage Camp
Activity Day 4
Cats and migration trek day, Ndutu

Day 5 > Ndutu

Return to Ndutu to explore a little more.
Accommodation : Ndutu Heritage Camp
Activity Day 4
Cats and migration trek day, Ndutu

Day 6 >Ngorongoro Crater

Your first sight of Ngorongoro Crater is likely not one you’ll easily forget. As seen from the crater rim, this natural bowl, both vast and intimate, is one of Africa’s most beautiful natural features, stretching 19 green kilometers (12 miles) from one side to the other. Down in the crater itself, you’ll explore an astonishingly rich, self-contained ecosystem that is protected by high crater walls. Here, lions and hyenas hunt wildebeest and Grant’s gazelle within sight of elephants and black rhinos. Your day spent here will reveal a surprising variety of habitats, from the Lereal Forest and salty Lake Magadi to the plains that rise and fall gently all across the valley floor.
Accommodation : Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge
Activity Day 6
Early Morning Game Drive, Ngorongoro Crater

Day 7> Ngorongoro Highlands

There's so much to look forward to when you visit the Ngorongoro Highlands. It's a world of cool-climate forests and views of craters and cliffs that come into focus through the trees. Watch also for the wildlife that lives in the forest, such as elephants and buffaloes, and leopards if you're very lucky.
Accommodation : Empakai crater camp
Activity Day 7
View the great migration, Northern Serengeti National Park

Day 8> Ngorongoro Highlands

Return for more time in the Ngorongoro Highlands.
Accommodation | Day 6
Lodge | Inside Northern Serengeti National Park
Accomodation : Leonotis flying camp
Activity Day 8
Cultural tour/masai experince, Ngorongoro Highlands

Day 9 > Lake Natron

Vast Lake Natron, in Tanzania's far north and next to the Kenya–Tanzania border, is an incredible destination. It's home to flocks of pink flamingos, and the views here can be incredible, especially near the lake's southern end from where you'll see the stunning, perfectly formed volcanic peak of Ol Doinyo Lengai.
Accommodation : Lake Natron Camp
Activity Day 9
Natural Water fall walk and swim, Lake Natron

Day 10 > Lake Natron

Return to Lake Natron.
Accommodation : Lake Natron Camp
Activity Day 10
Homosapien footprints, Lake Natron

Day 11 > Your last day with us

We wish this safari didn't have to end, but this will be when we go our separate ways. We hope you've loved your safari journey and that you'll be back one day. Until then, travel safely and thank you for choosing us as your safari companions.
Activity Day 11
Drop off, Arusha Airport

Our Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Malaki is an above and beyond safari guide and person Our 4-person Tanzania adventure with Malaki of Malaki Safaris was beyond expectations. Malaki’s combination of professionalism, warmth, knowledge, passion, and cultural connection made the trip phenomenal. Our itinerary took us to Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Empakai, Lake Natron, and Central and Southern Serengeti. Every place awed us with the wildlife and scenery, and we enjoyed staying at a variety of lodges and tented camps, all in beautiful settings. We also spent 2 days hiking with local Maasai guides who taught us about some of their traditions and current realities facing pastoral people in Tanzania. Malaki is a skillful, responsive communicator, so trip planning was enjoyable rather than stressful. He provided suggestions, and he customized our safari according to preferences we expressed. A review below from September 2023 by tomtom771 highlights outstanding aspects of Malaki Safaris, all important to consider when splurging on a trip of a lifetime. Many Tanzania safari itineraries are similar, but it’s the guide who makes the biggest difference. Malaki is from a rural Maasai village, and he pursued his formal education in cities. He knows Tanzania’s landscapes, wildlife, and cultures from lived experience, and he truly loves sharing all of it. Our group had a particular interest in birds, and Malaki eagerly brushed up on his already impressive birding repertoire. When we had questions, Malaki usually had answers, and he often came back later with more information. He has stellar abilities maneuvering the jeep to maximize views and photo opportunities, and he manages to do so without ticking off other drivers. When one of our group members stayed on in Tanzania to do solo travel, Malaki continued to check in on him, occasionally arranging lodging or transfers as a courtesy. It’s not essential that one has a guide who you befriend and hope to see again, but with Malaki we got the best of both worlds, an A+ safari and a talented guide who brightened every day.
A good, honest and knowledgeable guide! Malaki was highly recommended to us by a friend, and we had a great time with him on the 14-day tour he designed. He guided us at Tarangire National Park, Ngorogoro Crater and Serengeti NP. He worked with us on our budget and is a good communicator. He was very patient, knowledgeable with animals and birds and his pleasant personality made our adventure lots of fun! You could tell that he’s been guiding tours for many years. Other guides respected him and he has good contacts in the area. We stayed in a variety of lodges/tented camps, all pleasant and at times luxurious. If you want an honest guide with good morals and great experience, you can’t go wrong with Malaki.
Renato M
Renato M
5 day safari Great guide, speaks excellent english! Perfectly organized trip with great accommodations! He was not just our guide and secure driver but become a friend and was a member of our group! Great experience and absolutely recommandatable!
Unvergesslich Schön Overall for our safari was an unforgettable and, most likely, a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. However, if we are ever fortunate enough to go on another safari in the Serengeti, we will definitely use Malakisafaris Safaris again. For anyone considering a personal safari tour, they should book with Malakisafaris Safaris and here is why… A. Our Malakisafaris team was very organized and provided clear communication and great service from the time we began the scheduling/reservation process early on until the time we departed Tanzania to come back home. Everyone that we interfaced with was very friendly, personable and always answered our questions to our satisfaction. B, Once in the Serengeti, our safari driver/guide was excellent. We always felt safe in the vehicle and he was an absolute expert at spotting animals on our game drives. In fact, very informative. We where very impressed with our guide’s extensive knowledge of the African cultures, animals, etc., that we experienced. C. Our vehicle was always clean and comfortable, obviously well maintained and reliable on the trail. The vehicle was always well stocked with drinks, bottled water and snacks. The seats even had extra top cushions to protect our hind parts from the daily “African Massage” provided by the trails. D. All of the accommodations provided at the various camp/overnight locations exceeded our expectations. Each of the tented camps/lodges that we stayed at in tarangire, the Serengeti National Park, and in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, were in beautiful natural settings and were conveniently located for the daily game drives. E. The food, and the food service, was very good and the in-camp meals were delivered/provided in unexpectedly formal dining areas. This was tent dining at its finest, but it really wasn’t tent dining at all! We were all surprised at how nice all of the dining areas were. Therefore, keep up the great work, the high standards and thank you folks for a wonderful vacation! You will not go wrong choosing Malakisafaris to organize your trip
Kai H
Kai H
Great 7-day Safari in late October We had a fantastic trip with Malaki, visiting the National Parks of Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Central and North Serengeti. Excellent service, with plenty of water, cookies, plugs for camera and phones while the car was always clean (not easy given the dusty roads). Most importantly Malaki is a safe driver, excellent in spotting animals (we were alone in spotting a rhino, a lioness on the hunt and wildebeest crossing the Mara river) and knows the best spots to take pictures (he worked a few years for National Geographic). He knows most of the camps and their managers so that we could have our lunch box and a free tour in some of the most stunning places in the Serengeti and Tarangire. Furthermore, he is an interesting person with lots of knowledge of Tanzania and the animals you encounter, so I can fully recommend him if you want to organize a Safari in Tanzania.
kathy s
kathy s
My second tour with Malakisafaris Another amazing adventure in Africa with Malakisafaris. Once again, Malaki delivered with a great tour of Kenya and Masai Mara by Onesmu. Malaki was our second guide and didn't miss a beat. The animal behavior info and knowledge of culture and country makes for a robust adventure in an amazing country. THANK YOU!!!
Erin S
Erin S
masai mara the safari was more than I could have imagined. both Malaki and Onesmus were INCREDIBLE guides, with knowledge on any topic we asked them, We learned about the animals, the jungle, Kenyan culture, government and so much more. Onesmus was a great driver, with an amazing energy and laugh. It was clear that both Malaki and Osesmus love their job, love sharing their country and truly respect the animals.
No tourist traps - Malaki Safaris are exceptionally! Our family of four including a 9 and 6 year old went on a 6 day safari with Malaika. The whole experience was amazing. We were impressed by the guiding knowledge and absolutely blown-away with Malaikas ability to accommodate our kids. From a smaller height Jeep to allow kids views to a specialized itinerary was only the beginning. Malaika truly enjoys kids. We highly recommend Malaika Safaris.
Shukti N
Shukti N
Ngoragora and Sarengeti The Safari experience was an unforgettable, fantastic and amazing journey. With a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced guide to educate us on the animals and their whereabouts made the tour phernorminal. 100% go again with Malachi. It was also a safe, fun and humourous trip!! Thank you!
Amazing Malaki himself runs these tours. He’s top tier, does a first class experience. Go to the Legendary Lodge. Don’t go to Rhino lodge.